Baracas is a felted lounge with elegant yet contemporary touches, where you can taste the food, you can have fun with your loved ones and share signature cocktails.

Highly specialized service and best cooks of the city are here to host memorable time for visitors in an atmosphere created to relax and gaze the sunset.


The story of Baracas

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful young girl from Chloraka. She had a habit of sitting on the side of a cliff staring at the sea and dreamt of the day she would meet her Prince charming. Many men had asked for hand in marriage but she insisted to wait for her 'truelove'. One day a handsome young man from Venice, Baracas, passed by the cliff, on his way to the Crusades. As soon as their eyes met, they fell in love! Baracas, however, had to leave for his mission and the girl patiently waited for him to return.

One day, as she was overlooking the sea she was bitten by a snake which made her verry ill and she lost her beauty. When Baracas returned from the war and saw the pain she was going through, his love for her grew even stronger. He thenkneeled down and asked her hand in marriage, suddenly a Miracle happened! The power of love prevailed an the girl overcame all illness. The couple got married and every evening they would go to the cliff of ' Baracas' and thank the sea for bringing them together.

Nowadays, young couples visit the cliff of ' Baracas ' to enjoy the sunset and wish for unconditional and eternal love.